Why Choose Us

What makes Presidential Home Health Care Different?


Developing trustworthiness can benefit all areas of one’s life, including one’s business success. Here are eight reasons of what makes Presidential Home Health Care different:

Our Character

Our nurses and caregivers above all are respectful, dedicated, and highly motivated to their job and clients. They are deeply ethical people who care for their patients whole-heartedly. We as a company will always acknowledge the importance of our reputation as ethical and will maintain a high moral and professional standard.

Our Competence

Learning and gaining experience never stops for our employees. Even though they are already experts in the home health care field, they understand that learning is a life-long process and continue to seek new experiences. Their competence in turn garnered respect and admiration.

Our Communication

Our vision and purpose is to help improve lives. We accomplish our goals, by ongoing communication with our employees and clients. By communicating with our employees, the daily services that they provide will align with our vision.

Our Compassion

Our nurses and caregivers genuinely listen to our clients. We show appreciation in our work, we focus on the client’s needs, and we serve them with passion.

Our Commitment

By setting an example for our team, our leadership inspires the team to commit to the well-being of our clients. Presidential Home Health Care is committed to our vision to improve lives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Contribution

We leverage our skills, experiences, and financial capital not only to provide home health care service, but to also give back to the community. We have and will continue to contribute by donating to the Cancer and Alzheimer research.

Our Consistency

The daily efforts in every area of the service we give to our clients, are done consistently. This is what makes the big difference in our company. If our clients are satisfied, it is because we have provided them excellent service throughout a long period of time.

Our Connections

Because our company builds strong relationships with our clients, we deeply care about building and maintaining a genuine connection with our clients. We ask the right questions, listen and above all show gratitude for their trust in us to serve them.